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Releasing music again after a two-year hiatus, 23-year-old Dutch-English artist Stevie Bill follows up recent track 'Good luck to your new girlfriend' with the bouncy new single 'The Boy Who Cried Love'.


A silky, pop offering, the track is a buoyant guitar-pop single glazed with personal lyricism and soaked in Gen Z romance. Steering her electro-pop ship through prismatic waters, the track's compelling hooks are an example of Stevie's expertly crafted pop notions. Glossed with an effervescent sheen, 'The Boy Who Cried Love' revels in its vibrancy, calling out the youthful fairytales for promising unobtainable romantic goals.

She explains,

"I grew up watching and reading about perfect love stories, about frogs turning into princes and happily ever afters. 'The Boy Who Cried Love' is about the fairy tale being messed up, about a prince turning out to be a frog and about a swimming pool filled with lies. It's about a time I believed in a happily ever after, but I learnt that it was all a fable. A heartbreak song, but with shrek vibes." Filtering irresistable grooves within the single's guitar lines, the single stamps Stevie's mark on the pop world to showcase a confident songwriter producing stellar bops. Drawing on noughties energy, 'The Boy Who Cried Love' solidifies its modern breezy ode to fake relationships and catapults Stevie into 'one to watch' territory.

Citing influences such as 90s R&B singers Toni Braxton and Destiny's Child and 00s artists like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears, Stevie's relatable stories of ambition, messy relationships and youthful mistakes sees her transforming into an artist with something worth saying. Growing up in Amsterdam, moving to Berlin at 19 to begin writing songs for other artists and gain experience in studios, Stevie has since relocated to New York after being accepted into the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU. Now, spending her time in the city and working with a number of writers and producers that she's met along the way, Stevie is ready to showcase her art to the world.

'The Boy Who Cried Love' is out now. Listen HERE @steviebill_


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