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Stray Fossa | For What Was

Stray Fossa return with their latest single 'For What Was'.


'For What Was' is a standalone track which is a departure from their typical dreamy sound as they explore a more up-tempo, bouncy and energetic performance. The track features skilful synths, a brilliant arrangement and some awesome riffs. It's dream-pop / indie perfection with great soothing vocals. What's not to like?

The band describes the making of 'For What Was' as:

"a burst of creative energy that all came out at once. Will came up with the lyrics and melody for the chorus 'something I could be the first to know…' etc. in one breath. Normally, we wouldn’t hold onto scratch lyrics, but it’s hard to shy away from rare moments like that when it all kind of comes together at once. In the verse transitions you can hear the sound of bicycle spokes that were recorded with a phone."

The final track then was a gradual process of chipping away at and reshaping the song’s many different parts until the piece bopped and bounced to perfection. 


Listen to 'For What Was' HERE Instagram: @strayfossa

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