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STRUAN | Distance

Continuing to rise through the alt-pop genre, STRUAN returns with 'Distance' - taken from his upcoming six-track sophomore EP.


'Distance' is the most dreamy, melodic track which is mellow and chilled, yet features his warm and rich vocals which are euphonious to the ear. The polished beat captivates his audience from the start - and continues to grip throughout, especially with the stunning instrumental at the back end of the track.

On the track, he says;

"The idea for 'Distance' came to me when I was stepping out of the shower while on a writing trip in LA.  I brought it into a session later that day with Alex Nobile, one of my favorite co-writers, and David Pavluk, my bassist from my high school band. David was the first person I ever wrote a song with when I was 13. We hadn’t written in years, but the songwriting chemistry was still there.  We all sat down and we had this an hour later. It’s raw and exactly how I felt about the relationship I was in at the time."

The upbeat ballad features his personal songwriting style and distinctive vocals. Having already received Spotify Editorial Support on 2 of his last 3 releases, STRUAN is well and truly pushing forward and cementing himself as one to watch.


Listen to 'Distance' HERE Instagram: @struanmusic


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