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STVN | Remedy

Philadephia native Steven Alexander Chen, aka STVN has released his single 'Remedy'.


'Remedy' is a really beautiful track, soaked with gorgeous chilled electro pop vibes and glittering synths. STVN's vocal is rich with a contemporary tone, making the song one you can listen to over and over again. The lyrics are catchy and even though 'Remedy' fit's right into the love song category, it wasn't written as one.

STVN comments,

"This song is for those true friends. Those people that are there for you even when you're not at your best, who give you unconditional love. Honestly it was just written when I was feeling really thankful one day for a couple of my closest friends. I haven't felt myself quite recently, but to feel loved by them despite it all is so reassuring."

'Remedy' came as the second single released from STVN's EP 'Sugar High' which can be streamed now!


Listen to the EP HERE Instagram: @songsbystvn


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