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Suit Up, Soldier | Picture

Independent alternative rock band Suit Up, Solider has crafted a radiantly joyful summer anthem with their new single,'Picture'.


'Picture' has that true summer feel and the addition of the steel band sound in the track screams summer holiday. Its merry and skilful, and we all need a cocktail after listening!

The song blends the band's trademark vocals and percussion with hooky guitar riffs, shimmering synths and a funky slap bass. The message is simple yet needed - enjoy and live your life authentically and to the fullest. A picture will never be enough to replace the experiences of a lifetime.

The track is written and self produced by the band themselves, as all of their songs have been. They pride themselves on their distinct sound whilst offering a unique and diverse experience in every song, ranging from danceable pop-pock to head-banging hard rock.

Suit Up, Soldier has recently experienced a wave of success and large growth in their following. Their previous single 'Tongue Tied Twisted' has organically garnered 250k streams on Spotify to-date, and they recently opened for indie pop band COIN.


Listen to 'Picture' HERE Instagram: @suitupsoldier_


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