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Suniel Fox x Henry Strange | Revolution

Suniel Fox and Henry Strange recently joined forces on the timely named track titled 'Revolution'.


'Revolution' is an dance pop track with elements of electronic and EDM. The unique track is indulgent and inventive with a funky bassline, 80's synths and fresh vocal - inspired by an LCD Soundsystem type of sound. The track is super catchy and memorable.

The track naturally evolved into a tasty chord progression on the bass while Suniel was hanging out with songwriter friend Noah Lowman. Bringing his colleague multi-talented and highly revered producer Henry Strange into the mix, Suniel and him then combined various electronic elements. These included different types of hardware, a modular synth, and drum machines along with live guitar and bass. Their result is a funky,dance worthy, and anthemichouse music gem.

Lowman’s super soulful and smooth, passionate vocals hit all the right notes as he sings,

"For you, I’ll start a revolution.”

The duo are now planning a plethora of forthcoming electro house released under their combined moniker Eppiker.


Listen to 'Revolution' HERE Instagram: @sunielfox | @henrystrange


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