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Ulrik Munther | C'est La Vie

Ahead of his highly anticipated new album which is due to drop this Autumn, Swedish

singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ulrik Munther has returned with his new

single C'est La Vie', which is the records third offering.


Following on from his previously shared singles ‘Gloom’ and ‘Man In Need’, C’est La Vie’ looks to showcase his brighter and more uplifting side. With a blend of soaring production and his own warm and wistful persona, his newest delight captivates us with a broad and euphoric disposition that sees him look to reconnect with his own child’s spirit.

Speaking about his new release, he said:

As kids we look up to adults. But as an adult, I find myself being more and more inspired by kids. They are honest with their emotions, they ask for help when they need it. And they’re not afraid to try. Their minds are open and their perspectives are constantly changing. I can’t talk for everyone, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in feeling boxed in sometimes. Like it’s hard to change because I keep looking at my history. Telling myself that is who I am and feeling pressured to defend it, instead of letting it go and moving on. I think the world would be a better place, and people would be much happier if we didn’t define ourselves so much by our history, but rather by our willingness and ability to listen, learn and engage".

Since the release of his previous albums, Ulrik Munther has allowed his sound to take form and grow over time into a powerful expression. Now under his own record label, Ulrik is ready to take on the next chapter in his music career, and is heading towards a successful year.

“Life is constant change. You can either fight it or go with it. C’est la vie, haha”


Listen to 'C'est La Vie' HERE

Instagram: @ulrikmunther


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