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Swedish independent artist SYLVE has shared his new single 'Better Clothes', his first single in English.


The track was written together with Emelie Eriksson and Philip Strand (lead singer of Normandie).

SYLVE says,

"The song is a dancey, happy f*** off to people who’ve hurt you. I’ve seen so many friends hand out second and eleventh chances to someone who really doesn’t deserve them. So me and my best friend Emelie wrote the lyrics of this song as a reminder to anyone who needs it, that they’re probably not all that changed just cause they’ve had a glow up."

SYLVE has written songs for arists like Becky G, Call Me Loop, SVEA, Kristin Amparo, Lisa Ajax, Anastacia and Kaiser Chiefs. He has had Swedish success with "Sommartid (Ett annat vi)".

'Better Clothes' is out now. Listen HERE @heysylve


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