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TalkSick | 2 Complicated

TalkSick follow up their USA Dance Radio #1 charting single with the epic '2 Complicated'.

Serving as their first solo release, the track is designed to grab attention from the first beat and captivate listeners around the globe, the track is everything you want from a pop banger. Arriving just in time for the summer months and festival season, '2 Complicated' is well produced, layered and textured. A classy track with rich beats and a mesmerising vocal performance with soft and chill electro-pop melodies.

TalkSick are an electro-pop band most known for their explosive #1 hit on USA Dance Radio, ‘Like Nobody’ with VAVO. Hailing from The Netherlands, the band name may be new onto the scene, but the trio has over 15 years of experience within the industry. Most notably, Stas, who started his career working at Dutch radio stations like 3FM, Radio 538, and Q-Music, co-produced Lost Frequencies’ biggest hit ‘Are You With Me.’

'2 Complicated' is out now. Listen HERE @talksickmusic


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