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Taylor Lenz | Tease

Pop newbie Taylor Lenz is the epitome of what excites us about new music on her debut single, ‘Tease’.


The swagger and confidence that protrudes from this artist’s lyrics is infectious and the bopping club beats that accompany them are evident of future club bangers.

Classing herself as the ‘big sister you never had’ Taylor Lenz has never had anything else on her mind, other than making music. Having left home at 18 to pursue her dreams in California, she is currently studying for a Bachelors degree in Music Composition at the Los Angeles College of Music, and, with a track like ‘Tease’ kicking off what is sure to be a decorated career, we thank her in advance for the many chart hits which are sure to follow.


Listen to 'Tease' HERE Instagram: @taylorlenz


Twitter: @ross_alister


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