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Pop new-comer Taylor Lenz has released her fourth single,'1800HEARTLESS'.


Written by Taylor herself, and produced by Grammy Award Winner Zack Djurich, '1800HEARTLESS' will leave you dancing, deleting your ex’s number, and singing at the top of your lungs. The genesis of her latest hit came as Taylor was driving around the streets of Los Angeles. Heartbroken in the middle of a breakup, the realization dawned on her that the person she had been dating showed no remorse for everything he had put her through.

She says,

"It was like a lightbulb went off in my brain. I was sad, then immediately I was so, so mad. I called my mom and said, I just truly believe he’s heartless. Immediately I was like, I have to call you back! I’d never heard an upbeat pop song from the perspective of how it feels to be in love with someone that literally lacks a heart or sense of empathy completely. After that, the whole song came together in about 5 minutes.

Taylor's artistic vision doesn't end with the music alone; she’s taken it a step further by co-directing her very first music video. Taylor channels the life of a house wife-gone-wrong, as she pulls inspiration from the glamorous era of the 1950's-60's creating a captivating vintage aesthetic. A former theatre kid, the visual and performance aspect of her artistry are equally as poured into as Taylor’s song writing. It’s a unique blend of relatable lyrics and irresistible melodies that keep her fans dancing through the highs and lows of love, making her a true voice for the young and the heartbroken.

'1800HEARTLESS' is out now. Listen HERE @taylorlenz


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