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Teddy at Night | Blueberry Water

Nashville-based artist Teddy at Night has premiered his symphonic alt pop concoction 'Blueberry Water' ahead of his debut EP, out July 19th.


Packing 80's synth nostalgia with an art pop flair, Music City rocker Teddy at Night admits:

"The idea of constant competition and success never appealed to me. I grew up literally having dreams where I was held by someone I was able to be vulnerable with. I never understood what that meant until I met my impossible match. My eyes were open to a world I never knew existed. The best love is messy and limitless. This song aims to capture that raw interpretation of modern love, vulnerability, and surrender."

This is the debut artist project for Californian-born musician, Teddy Boldt, marking a long awaited step into the solo spotlight. He dropped out fashion design school in Los Angeles and made the move to Nashville to work as a touring musician, playing in 30 different bands selling out arenas and travelling to over 20 countries. The strings for 'Blueberry Water' were actually tracked in a bathroom on tour!

With the current pause on the touring side of live music due to Covid-19, Teddy at Night has found himself time to push his own musical project forward,

delivering a blueberry brew for our hearts.


Listen to 'Blueberry Water' HERE


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