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teeballpaul | Reasons For

The outstanding one man band teeballpaul drops his brand new single 'Reasons For' alongside a striking lyric video.

Just in time for the summer season, teeballpaul has arrived with his strong identity with a colourful nu-disco track that we all needed. The hypnotic track burns with colour and nostalgia with dance-infused production, dramatic synths and uplifting instrumentation alongside his rich and unique vocals that instantly captivate. The powerhouse track is full of surprises, fun and twists and turns that will ensure a mesmerising experience for all.

The teeballpaul project was a response to years and years of divulging creative control to others and never feeling connected to the end result.

He shares,

"A switch went off when I gained enough confidence to realise that I could do it myself. I want my music to promote the power of two things. Confidence and Self-Belief. I want people to know that with hard work and an unrelenting level of self-belief, all things in this life are obtainable. Just don’t quit. If you do feel like quitting, maybe you should turn on some teeballpaul."

The LA-based artist, producer, and mix engineer grew up inspired by all things 'Southern California'. Sublime and The Red Hot Chili Peppers colored his youth and were the soundtrack to his many years as a competitive youth baseball player - which later sparked the name for the teeballpaul project.

'Reasons For' is out now. Listen HERE @teeballpaul


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