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The Accents | Liar

Canadian duo The Accents have released two tracks, 'Liar' and 'Drama' as part of a double single release entitled 'Heartbreak Starter Pack'.


In its simplest form, 'Liar' is an indulgent indie pop tune driven by lush, melodic guitar, steady drum beats and light electronic production to create a feel-good, inviting and warm summer road trip song. It's a captivating tap-along anthem with a catchy but cool chorus that will resonate with listeners and make you want to listen over and over.

The tap along anthem is a rumination on heartbreak and is melancholic down to its bones. Whilst lyrically, the core elements of a break-up song are present, the duo have elevated the track with their trademark sense of poignancy. 'Liar' tells the story of a failed relationship that is effortlessly relatable and vicariously cathartic even for those still in the honeymoon phase.

The duo comprises of Mathijs Kriebel and Rich Weller and were originally introduced to each other as artist and manager, respectively, they quickly realised that their musical foundations were cut from the same cloth. What began as a collaborative passion project between two like-minded creatives turned into something a lot more substantial, refined and recognised as something that needed to be pursued as a full time project and there, The Accents were born.

'Heartbreak Starter Pack' is out now. Listen HERE @the.accents


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