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The Birthday Letters | My Kronstadt

The Birthday Letters has released the lyric video for ‘My Kronstadt’ from his alt folk album ‘Human Beauty’ out 19th June.

"I’m super excited to share it and this is one of my favourite tunes from it".


The song is inspired by reading Soviet gulag survivor accounts. He says:

"I became really interested in the behavioural psychology of people at the time. I don’t think think the paranoia, corruption and brutality was unique to the Soviet Union, but that time period was an interesting aesthetic frame to put the idea inside for the song. The words are written from the perspective of a revolutionary who is intoxicated by the draws of power. I think it’s a pretty familiar story. In don’t think that’s an admirable position, but I think if we are honest there’s a little bit of the protagonist in all of us, however uncomfortable that may be to admit. That’s Jung’s ‘shadow’ that the song refers to".


'Human Beauty' out July 19th.


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