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The Islas | Close

Norwich-based indie pop-rock quartet The Islas have released their third single, guitar driven banger 'Close'.


'Close' is indie rock perfection, reminiscent of the greats. With a rollicking vocal, polished drum beats, dynamic melodies and a big electric guitar driven chorus, the track is both lyrically in depth and instrumentally pleasing. An intoxicatingly good song that would go off live with a catchy, encore worthy sound.

"It has a lyrical edge - written about someone losing their religion. As I grew up in this christian country I struggled with the dynamic that homosexuality was a sin and found myself moving further away from the concept of God. Although I am an agnostic man, I feel like there is a lot wrong with the perception that a greater being in the sky dictates the way you live your life."

The Islas are a completely DIY band, 4 members with a strong worth ethic, delivering a new breed of the finest in indie rock, inspired by the likes of The Smiths & Declan McKenna.

'Close' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @theislasband


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