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Interview | Kodaline

With the recent release of their brand new album 'One Day At A Time,' which features tracks including 'Say Something,' 'The Evening' and 'Care,' Kodaline's career continues to reach new heights. The Irish band are set to headline eight sold-out shows at Dublin's Olympia Theatre later this year, which will give them a chance to perform tracks from the new album live, no doubt along with some of their timeless classics.


The Lowdown had the chance to exclusively speak with Jay from Kodaline about the band's new album, the meaning behind the album title 'One Day At A Time' and much more. Keep reading to check out our interview!

You've recently brought out your new album 'One Day At A Time.' How does it feel to have new music out there?

"It's just really exciting. We've been locked away in out studio for the last year and a half making this record. We were lucky enough that we had a couple of songs in the set that are now on the new album, so we have played to people. It's a really strange time to release music and not be able to play gigs. We're really excited to get it out there!"

Prior to the album's release, you released a couple of singles from the album. How do you decide what tracks from the album are going to be released?

"To be honest, at the start, it was the first ones that were done. But the further we've got into the record, it's the ones that really stand out to us and ones that we love the most. 'Saving Grace' was probably one of the last ones that we finished, but we were working on it for, I'd say, nearly since the start of the album process. 'Wherever You Are' just happened to be the very first one that we did. 'Sometimes' came shortly after that. The further you get into it, you know which ones you love!"

'One Day At A Time' is the fourth album you guys have released. Do you still get nervous when it comes to releasing new music, or is it more of an excited feeling?

"I don't know if I ever feel the nerves so much, but it is definitely nervous excitement, if it's anything. The longer we do this, the more exciting it is for us to release new songs, because it means we get to put new stuff into the set. There's something special about releasing new music. We know that we're so lucky to be able to do this for our career. The fact that we've even made it as far as our fourth album is incredible. We're excited that people still want to hear what we got to say!"

With regard to the recording process, some bands sit altogether and write, while others go off separately. What way does Kodaline work? Does everyone split off or do you all work together?

"Steve will come in with mostly a finished song, but with him at the piano or him at the acoustic guitar. Then we kind pick it apart from there. Everyone has their input. We really shape music together. We shape the vibe of the track. We really do think quite differently about each song. There are some songs that Mark brought in on this record. There are some songs that started completely in the room with all four of us. There is no one process, but I think that's what keeps it interesting for us."

What is the meaning behind the album title, 'One Day At A Time'?

"Releasing an album through a global pandemic is something that we've never experienced before. All the songs had a second meaning once everything that is going on in the world started happening. There was a different title, but it didn't fit, more so for the time we're going through. We picked something that we felt like we were all going through at the time, which is getting through this one day at a time, even though lockdown is easing. There's a lot of uncertainty for the entertainment industry. All we can do is just focus on it one day at a time and keep our heads up."

Is there a particular message that you want listeners to come away from the album with?

"Hope. Hope is one of the long-standing themes that we go back to. No matter how bad it gets, you will get through it. It always rings true for us."

Do you personally have a favourite track from the album?

"There's one track that's called 'The Evening.' It's the most like the first album for me. It's got these beautiful strings. The track had really bad demo strings, but it sounds so beautiful now! I can't wait to play that song live, with a string quartet."

The album is very raw and emotional in its nature. Do you feel that it's important to have music that people can relate to?

"Music for us is such a cathartic experience anyway. It's usually us getting something off our chest. If there is that much meaning in it from us, then other people are able to find their own meanings in the songs as well. That's always been part of what we do as Kodaline. People are still singing 'High Hopes' and 'All I Want,' which has meant something to people at certain points in their lives. It doesn't feel right for us to not do that any more - to just write a pop song or to just write something that sounds catchy. It really has to mean something."

Kodaline have inevitably had many highlights through the band's career over the years. As a band, is there anything in particular that stands out?

"It's honestly so hard! Every single point in our career where it keeps going becomes the new highlight. Before lockdown, we were over in Thailand and headlining a festival over there. The fact that we are still doing this six/seven years in, is a highlight in itself. Even being able to build our little studio, that's a highlight as well. Being able to make this album with just the four of us has probably been the highlight so far."

You were meant to be headlining shows in Dublin's Olympia Theatre before lockdown happened. With the shows now rescheduled, are you looking forward to being able to perform in a place so close to home?

"Most definitely! Those Olympia shows are special to us, because this album was like coming full circle for us. Going back to that venue in particular is kind of like back where it all started, where it really kicked off for us. We really want to play these songs in that room! I can't wait for September when we do get in there. It'll be close to being one of the first gigs back after lockdown, so there will be some energy!"

What's lockdown been like for the band? Are you still writing?

"Lockdown came at a really weird time for us. We were all about to take a break anyways, because literally, the week it was announced, we had just finished the record. We took a bit of time to ourselves the first two weeks. It is a very scary time for everybody. We were all just laying low and tried to figure out what is coming next. We all have our little studio set-ups at home, so once we settled into it, we kept sending stuff back and forth to each other. We've kept making music. We've been doing a Live Stream every Friday. It's really interesting, because we've been able to play to our fans all over the world at the same time, which we have never got to do in the past. A lot of good things have come out of this lockdown."

Last but not least, do you have a message for your fans?

"Thank you so much for sticking with us for all this time and allowing us to do what we do. We really wouldn't be able to do what we do without our fans and without everyone who shares our music, listens to our music and plays our music on the radio. So many people are involved in this. We are eternally grateful!"

The Lowdown want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Jay from Kodaline for taking the time to speak with us!


Kodaline's brand new album 'One Day At A Time' is out now and is available to purchase from iTunes by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, the album can be streamed from Spotify HERE.

Instagram: @kodaline

By Rachel Dempster


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