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The Magician | Renaissance

Acclaimed Belgian DJ and producer, The Magician, has released new two-track EP ‘Renaissance’, comprised of two fresh new tracks written in Brussels during isolation, lead single ‘You And Me’ and ‘Disco Romance’, as well as a special Proto-Disco Club Mix of ‘You And Me’, it retraces his early roots in dance music and represents “the image of being born again” as an artist.

First acclaimed for his early work with influential French tastemakers Kitsuné, Belgian DJ/producer The Magician is one of dance music’s most intriguing characters. Taking inspiration from house and classic disco, his breakthrough came in the form of a remix of Lykke Li's 'I Follow Rivers' in 2011, which went on to amass over 300 million streams and top dance charts across Europe. It bridged the gap between his funkier, more experimental output and the mainstream, laying the foundations for 2014’s hit record ‘Sunlight’ featuring Olly Alexander from Years & Years, a track that went onto secure Top 10 status in the UK, Europe and Australia, as

well as breaching the Billboard Top 100 in the US.

Now firmly re-focused on pushing new music, The Magician is perfectly setup to make a real impact on 2020, having also spent much of the last 18 months curating his fan-facing ‘Magic Tape’ series on Soundcloud. Amassing a cult following, he sifts through new music from fans and fellow artists alike, before crafting his favourite tracks into standout monthly DJ mixes.

The New EP, inspired by a heady mix of disco, funk, 80s/90s pop and contemporary electronics, forms his first release of 2020  with ‘You And Me’ in particular – a lush, emphatic slice of feel-good dance pop –nodding to The Magician’s knack for writing bold and vividly infectious dance tracks.


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