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Interview | The Midnight

The Midnight have announce their new album 'Monsters' which is to be released on July 10th on Counter Records.

'Monsters' finds the duo, Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan, who have gone from online cult fascination to the #1 spot of the Billboard Electronic Album Chart and creating a sweeping sound that fuses Americana archetypes with an evocative electronic palette referencing synth-driven film scores, deep house, pop, and rock.


Credit: Nicole Mago

'Monsters' sees a continuation of The Midnight's immersive world-building that has attracted a rabid fanbase — a communal coalition of internet culture obsessives, bedroom producers, Tumblr goths, cosplayers, teenagers, their parents, and everyone in between — who have been pining for a new album for almost two years. With the album release in sight, the duo are hoping to return to the UK, following their 2019 sold out headline tour where they played venues such as The Roundhouse London and Albert Hall in Manchester.

Lead single 'Deep Blue' was released at the back end of last month. A thrilling synth-romance epic that climaxed with its narrator losing control amid a whiskey-fueled tryst and a cavernous saxophone solo.


We spoke to Tim about the new album & more...

Hey Guys! Introduce yourselves to our readers!

"The Midnight is Tyler Lyle and, myself, Tim McEwan."

Where are you from?

"Tyler is from the south in USA and I am from Denmark, Scandinavia."

How did you meet each other?

"We met in a co-writing session in LA. We were put together by Tylers' publisher."

When did you start making music together?

"Around 2013."

Who have you most recently added to your playlists?

"Hotel Apache, Idealism and Savoir Adore."

How would you sum up your music in one sentence?

"Life seen through the prism of nostalgia."


Your album ‘Monsters’ is due on July 10th. Tell us a little about the new release!

"From a production standpoint, “Monsters“ has been the hardest album to do because it had to cover a wide range of sounds. It is less of a singular thought than 'Nocturnal' and 'Kids' for example. And working on the album while doing a full year of touring was a tough challenge but, ultimately, it's an album Tyler and I are very proud of. It'll be interesting to see the reception from the fans."

‘Monsters’ is a continuation of your previous album ‘Kids’ and there’s running themes

throughout - the story of being a teenager and adolescence. Can you tell us any stories of your own that have heavily influenced a track?

"There are no specific stories that influenced the tracks but we all remember how it felt, growing up.The feeling of isolation and needing to connect with your peers and explore who you truly are. These are universal themes."

Why did you decide to have themed albums? Is it something that just came naturally when writing / recording?

"It was never a conscious decision. It sorta just happened with 'Nocturnal' and 'Kids'. When we were making 'Kids' we knew it was a larger story and that we had to finish it. We're not trying to do “concept albums” but, in this case, it felt natural to frame it around certain themes and tie it to a specific period of your life."

You released the first track from the upcoming album at the start of this month ‘Deep Blue’. How has the reaction been so far and why did you decide on this track to release first?

"We've been pretty blown away by the reaction to Deep Blue. We expected that a certain segment of the fan base would appreciate the tone but we had no clue the response would be this strong. It's been very cool to see."

You are bringing the sounds of the 80’s back into 2020, what is it about the 80’s era that you love / that inspires you so much?

"I grew up listening to 80s music so it definitely shaped me and informed my sensibilities. I love how bold the aesthetic is and how there seems to be no rules and you can really push the envelope, stylistically."

You sold out a tour across Europe in 2019. What was your favourite show to play and favourite memory of that show?

"Oh man, so many shows and amazing experiences. But I think it all culminated in the end of the tour with our 100th show in London at The Roundhouse. That was a milestone and the fans we just incredible. We were all so exhausted and elated. My parents had flown over from Denmark to see the show and we spent the next day walking around in London together so that how end of the tour was very special to me."

What is your favourite place you’ve played?

"There are many great venues and they are great for so many reasons so it's hard to single out one specific place. But I remember how amazing the crowd was at our Manchester show. The energy was magical. It was palpable and we all felt it. That was a special show."

What do you hope to do after the album release?

"With everything going on in the world at the moment, we are spending the rest of this year just

focused on creating new music. It'll be really fun to watch the response to the new record while

working on new songs from home in our little cocoons haha"


Having already amassed hundreds of millions of streams and built a thriving community that convenes on message boards and the bands dedicated Reddit to remix tracks and opine about theories and personal connections to the music, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for The Midnight.


'Monsters' out July 10th.

Listen to 'Deep Blue' HERE


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