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The Millennial Club | summer nights

SoCal based quartet The Millennial Club define their sound, showcasing their highly anticipated 6-track ‘summer nights’ EP.


A reflective and dreamy soundtrack, 'summer nights' tells a series of stories about feeling overwhelming passion for a love interest and, naturally, facing the challenges that come with any relationship at all stages. Its a recurring theme that appears across The Millennial Club's music - the real life notion of being honest, confessing your true feelings and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Infectious melodies and carefully crafted lyricism can be heard throughout and are reflective of the bands' journey in defining their sound as a blossoming band, their newfound perspectives on relationships, and their maturing process as human beings.

Andres Owens says,

“Writing ‘summer nights’ felt cathartic in a lot of ways; the record as a whole feels like a release of emotions and tension within ourselves. I think for the longest time, I was obsessed with fitting into a self-described box and wanted so badly to ‘be like’ my musical inspirations, but with this record — perhaps unlike our previous releases — we really weren’t trying to be anything other than ourselves. We created every track with the intention of listening to ourselves, something that is unique unto itself even within the work itself; we may have missed that the first time around. Every tune is written from personal experience, with every arrangement meticulously sorted through again and again to no avail, and every sax and vocal take done and redone (and redone again) to make sure we got it right.”

The Millennial Club are an indie-pop and R&B outfit who manage to blend dance-inspired 80's pop, beat-driven 90's R&B and emotional love-centered lyricism to mold their unique SoCal sound. The group was formed in late 2016, when singer / guitarist Andres Owens was joined by bassist / keyboardist Jared Ortiz, later adding guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson and drummer Tyler Kamei.

Underneath the bands' pop exterior, they display youthful exuberance through catchy hooks and tender ballads. The band’s songwriting focuses on emotive, experience fueled lyricism dealing with the uncertainty of love, broken promises, and the beauty found in small, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s age. To date, the band has opened for Conan Gray, Charlotte Lawrence, Katelyn Tarver, MOONZz, and Quinn XCII.

'summer nights' is out now.


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