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The New Division | Stateside

LA-based The New Division have released 'Stateside', their second single of 2021.


Both dizzy and adrenalising, the high energy, four and a half minute 'Stateside' nods to the nostalgic sounds of synth-wave and 90's alt rock whilst boasting a totally captivating and refreshing sound which is entirely his own. Weaving fragments of different styles, the genre-binding track features a unique rhythm section which builds atmopshere with slick percussion accompanied by bright synths and ambient electronics with an almost distorted and fuzzy vocal.

'Stateside' offers its own take on settling for love across the pond. John Kunkel (lead vocalist/ producer) states,

"I wrote this song during the pandemic and thought about all the people who were together before everything went down, but then got separated for one reason or another. Not being able to see each other during that time, all while under lockdown must've been difficult. I tried to put myself in their shoes, thought about how I would've reacted, how they would've felt and the lyrics stemmed from that very place."

Spearheaded by John Kunkel, The New Division is influenced by a wide range of genres, blending them together to achieve a signature sound. With a sound that feels comfortably connected to the past but with a momentum that fastens them to the future, at its core The New Division's custom blend of electronic adds tugging lyrics to each track, bringing satisfying emotion to the party.

'Stateside' is out now.

Listen HERE



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