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The Only Ocean | Watch It Fall

Rising alt-rock quartet, The Only Ocean have released their latest single 'Watch It Fall' via Side Hustle records, alongside an aesthetically lovely video, directed by Joshua Drew.


Photo Credit: Sabrina Guiterrez

'Watch It Fall' has banging instrumentation, proving the talent of this up and coming band. It seems as though the track draws inspirations from electro-pop at times, but straight back into the massive indie rock banger that this band are known for - catchy guitar lines, rhythmic drums and not to mention the huge vocals of lead singer Wesley. Turn up loud and enjoy!

The track was recorded with Jonathan DeBaun and is an upbeat song with lyrics of anything but. The track revolves around the idea of the struggles we have inside our head, not understanding what or who we are and not wanting to be yourself.

'Watch It Fall' was originally intended to be a distorted disco rock song inspired by the Michael Jackson hit, 'Off The Wall'.

Wesley Hill, vocalist and guitar of The Only Ocean shares,

“At the time I was obsessed with that track and I kept thinking what that would sound like through a fuzz pedal with the volume fully cranked at 12,”

After scrapping the idea, 'Watch It Fall' took cues from the baggy, Madchester genres and once the direction changed, everything changed completely.


Listen to 'Watch It Fall' HERE Instagram: @theonlyocean

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