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The Shadowboxers | Animals (Remix by La Felix)

The Shadowboxers have released their glistening new track 'Animals' remixed by La Felix.

'Animals' is reminiscent of a 70's feel-good disco track, soulful and mellow. The band have such a distinct sound and this remix is polished to perfection. The chilled and dreamy vocals invite you right in their world to enjoy more.

The Shadowboxers said on the track:

“'Animals' is about acting on our insincts. It’s about celebrating the freedom of getting out of our own way and letting that natural thing come through. No overthinking, no second guessing...just feeling something and going with it. We’ve always been really inspired by easy grooves. From Michael McDonald to Benny Sings and Gabriel Garzon-Montano. When we finally nailed this chorus, we just left it on loop in the studio for like 5 hours and never once got sick of it. That outro could go on forever.”

La Felix said:

"It was such a pleasure remixing The Shadowboxers. To me they sounded like Vulfpeck but with more focus on vocals and harmony than instrumenta:on. I became a huge fan after getting tapped on to remix 'Animals' and checked out the rest of their catalogue and really enjoyed the rest of the album. I’ve done quite a few remixes in the past but remixing The Shadowboxers was a breeze because the vocals were so good.”

From their start as a backing band for the Indigo Girls to most recently working and touring alongside mentor Justin Timberlake, the trio of Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman have continuously captivated audiences across the globe with their distinctive flair.

Bridging the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies and contemporary pop-R&B rhythms, TSB now take the reins as songwriters and producers. A pivotal point in a long series of serendipitous moments for the group, TSB have finally settled into their own, their new music representative of the trio’s newfound clarity. 


Listen to 'Animals' HERE

Instagram: @theshadowboxers

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