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The Swoons | If It Keeps You Up At Night

International alternative group The Swoons have released their latest single 'If It Keeps You Up At Night'.


Defiantly self-producing their own brand of timeless misfit-pop music, The Swoons signature sound can be heard in the new track. The trio, together with Jake Gosling and Giacomo Timbrello, birthed the anthem after receiving the sad news that a friend had been diagnosed with cancer. The song champions solidarity with the ones you love, even through their trials and tribulations. Sonically resonating a spark of hope amongst disparity, the track instrumentally fuses both organic and electronic sounds to create emotion which captures exactly how they are feeling.

These heart-lined-sleeved 90s kids make authenticity cool again with colourful songwriting, using a combination of soul infused synth-rock & classical-folk elements to create vulnerable anthems that live up to their name.

The tree members Matthew (London), Tony (Toronto) & Trevor (Vancouver), have made an impact both apart and together since their stint at Berklee College of Music. Matthew has written and produced multiple projects amassing millions of streams, Trevor has received ASCAP’s Jay Gorney Award for social change songwriting, and Tony has both toured & co-written with production duo The Chainsmokers with cuts on 'Sick Boy', 'Side Effects' & 'Call You Mine'.

Despite their eclectic influences and backgrounds, these unlikely friends assemble with one common goal: to create passionate music that empathizes with listeners. Together they celebrate their diversity (race, sexuality, and culture) to actualize their dream of a more benevolent world.

'If It Keeps You Up At Night' is out now.


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