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The Vamps I Married In Vegas

The Vamps have released their brand new single 'Married In Vegas,' which is taken off their upcoming fifth studio album, titled 'Cherry Blossom,' which is set to be released later this year.

After taking some time away to work on new music, it's evident that the four-piece's hard work has paid off. 'Married In Vegas' represents a fresh and matured sound for the band. The production of this track truly makes it stand-out and just like many of their other tracks, including 'Somebody To You,' 'Wake Up' and 'All Night,' to name only a few from their discography, 'Married In Vegas' is a track that you can't resist singing along to, especially when that chorus drops!

You can watch the official music video for 'Married In Vegas' below:

Speaking about the funky-sounding new single, member Brad Simpson explains:

"On the day we handed the album in, I went on a Zoom call with Lostboy (producer). We had a few beers and then four hours, 'Married In Vegas' was birthed."

Guitarist James McVey continued:

"I was playing PlayStation with my mates. It was about 11 pm and I was pretty drunk too actually! Then Brad FaceTimed me and he was like: 'I've just written this song!' I love moments like that, because even when you think something's done, it can still change at the last minute. They jumped on a Zoom with Lostboy the next morning to finish the song."

As this is the lead single from 'Cherry Blossom,' it gives fans of the band - made up of members Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey - a preview of what can be expected from their new project. Inevitably, the new album is a culmination of a lot of hard work for the band.

Taking to their official Twitter account to share some more news on the album, The Vamps said that the album 'signifies rebirth.' The band thanked fans for their patience and unending support. When speaking about the album, Brad Simpson explains:

"We'd be lying if we said we didn't want it to go out into the world and be received positively. Ultimately, we love it so much. That feeling of self-fulfilment is so exciting! These are songs that really touch on parts of our lives. The songs mean that little bit more."

'Married In Vegas' is out now.

By Rachel Dempster


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