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The644 | Shaker' feat. Matt Rosa

After a short musical hiatus the dynamic duo of Deniz and Shanel Jemal have returned as new Urban Pop/Rap group The644. The pair are a fierce writing couple and a vibrant stage act and their sound is fresh with an urban twist. 



The duo first began their journey in music as 'SD-Jem', their former alias where they hit the club charts at number 9 with their debut single "Roll with Me" in 2012. After touring as SD-Jem with the likes of Cher Lloyd and The Saturdays - playing some iconic venues including Wembley Arena the pair decided to make a change of direction in their song writing, touring for 2 years under the name “Next Stop Mars” as a four piece Pop Rock Band.

After a short break to focus on other projects, Deniz and Shanel have announced their return as The644, their love and passion for music and the arts is the driving force behind their dedication and perseverance in music.

Their debut 'Shaker' perfectly showcases what the pair can do, highlighting their ability to combine elements from multiple genres and cultures, which culminates in a new and unique vibe that will fill dance floors (or gardens) worldwide.

“We knew that we wanted to feature a Zurna in the chorus, which is a Middle Eastern folk flute sound. We started with Anthony Trueman (Producer), finding the bass line over a reggaetón drum loop. Shaking hips is a key movement that represents both cultures well, so we felt it fit throughout the lyrics to focus on appreciating the beauty of both of these cultural dances” - Deniz

Featuring the rap skills of Matt Rosa on the track, The644 are hoping to make their mark with this debut release.


Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @the644music


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