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Following the release of their music video released for 'If You Stay', SoCal-based triplet The Millennial Club (TMC) has shared their new moody yet eclectic 4-track EP titled 'When It’s Just You & I'.


By no means joyful, The Millennial Club’s latest EP encapsulates the feeling of missing someone and hoping your paths will cross again. Whether those feelings are fabrications of our own self-doubt or not, they’re ones that many of us have. While 'hold you again' and 'sleepless' is sonically representative of the music you would typically hear from TMC, 'xx' features a darker tone that explores a more explicit vision than the remainder of the band’s latest EP. 'When It’s Just You & I' however, truly deviates from the sonic direction that TMC’s fans have come to know in the past and establishes a new era of sound.

All in all, the recurring themes of honesty, confessing your true feelings, and wearing your heart on your sleeve that appear in The Millennial Club’s music is no coincidence — the only way to stay true to your purpose is to release back into the universe what’s happening in yours.

“When it comes down to it, I think that as artists, we all want to impact the world in some way, however big or small; the real reason we do what we do is because we can’t help but feel like we have to. We have to create, express, mold, shape, shift, contort, and most importantly, release the emotions and ideas within us. ‘When It’s Just You & I’ showcases a new side to our musicality while remaining consistent and cohesive to what we’ve come to define as ‘our sound’ as The Millennial Club.”

So-Cal based The Millennial Club is an indie pop and R&B outfit that has managed to blend dance-inspired 80’s pop, beat-driven 90’s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism to mold their unique Southern California sound. Underneath their pop exterior is a band displaying youthful exuberance through catchy hooks and tender ballads. The band’s song writing focuses on emotive, experience-fueled lyricism dealing with the uncertainty of love, broken promises, and the beauty found in small, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s age.

'When It's Just You & I' is out now. Listen HERE @themillennialclub


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