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Theo Sawyer's debut single ‘Forget Your Ex’, is a song dedicated to those hesitant to take the leap back into the sometimes-scary world of dating; coupled with the thrill and excitement of meeting someone new.


‘Forget Your Ex’ is for those who want to dive back in, experience new things, and have no fear of living your best life. Theo is excited for everyone to hear what he’s been working on; with new music that will continue to stream out over the next year.

Writing and producing honest and personal music out of his flat in Auckland, NZ; 22-year-old musician, Theo Sawyer writes about navigating the ups and downs of life. Theo became interested in music in his last year of high school, entering a songwriting competition judged by Mike Chunn who was enormously encouraging, telling Theo to “Go for it”; and since then, he hasn’t looked back.

Theo’s sound is influenced by iconic music that was played at home when he was young - The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen and the Motown catalogue to mention a few. After having been introduced to artists such as John Prine and Sturgill Simpson, Theo is inspired to tell stories and write songs that are truthful and relatable. Theo’s favourite producer, Jon Bellion, reminds him how important it is to make music that you love and enjoy; and he endeavours to bring all his influences into the sound and music he loves to play. Theo is currently working with Steve Bush who has mixed and mastered his upcoming projects.

'Forget Your Ex' is out now. Listen HERE @theosawyermusic


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