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This Coast Bias | 4solong

Lo-fi bedroom-pop artist This Coast Bias has released his latest single '4solong'.


The track is an infectious and cinematic offering which features splashes of disco amongst moody synths, hushed vocals and a captivating chorus which oozes with nostalgia. The project was inspired by 'a hefty diet of disco and funk from my mom and rock from my dad" says the artist, and is a culmination of modern production meets throwback energy. '4solong' pulls influence from his childhood repertoire and mixes in elements of modern electronic production.

TCB's self-branded 'breakup pop' theme is powerfully poignant throughout all of his music and in the new single, a moving tempo lays the foundation for his confessional words. With an anthemic driven chorus, the bouncy track shimmers in all of its 80's glory with electric synths and pushing percussion.

On the single TCB shares,

"'4solong' is a song about finally getting with that person you’ve always wanted to have in your life. I usually write songs about breakups or longing, but this one feels more bubbly than that. It’s about leaving doubts behind and just going for it. It’s a lean-out-the-window-with-a-bubblegum-snow-cone kind of track that I pictured playing at the tail end of a John Hughes movie, like when Bender throws up his fist at the end of The Breakfast Club. I hope you enjoy it, because I loved creating it!”

This Coast Bias is an Oklahoma City-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has had several stints in rock bands before going solo in 2019. Pulling influence from a range of genres including rock. pop and electronic, the project crafts a unique blend that is as equally polished that it is raw. Since debuting last May, TCB has impressively released 21 tracks, citing Prince, Tame Impala and ABBA as musical influences.

'4solong' is out now. Listen HERE @thiscoastbias


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