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thisisNAMASTE | Papercut

Scottish artist thisisNAMASTE has released her break-up anthem 'Papercut' via Humble Angel Records.


Following on from previous single 'Something', 'Papercut' is a fresh new offering, featuring polished synths and catchy melodies. It's a perfect electro-pop anthem with skilful vocals and honest lyrics. A bold offering from thisisNAMASTE, with a memorable and refreshing chorus, giving us major female-empowerment vibes.

“I wrote Papercut about the period after a break up when you have past the initial upset phase and have moved onto the “I’ve got this, I’m gonna be okay, you’re a loser” stage haha. I liked the imagery of a paper cut as its something that really stings at the time and annoys you for awhile but after time, you totally forget the pain and move on with your daily life. Much like the process of getting over someone.”

Raised in a small town between Glasgow & Edinburgh, thisisNAMASTE (artist moniker of Natasha Stewart) was captivated by music from a young age, citing icons such as Whitney and Mariah Carey as inspirations. With no music in the family, Natasha forged her own path, moving to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Soon landing gigs touring as a backing vocalist for the likes of Rita Ora, Ella Eyre and Martin Garrix to name a few, Natasha was performing on some of the world's biggest stages whilst developing her own artist project.

'Papercut' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @thisisnamaste


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