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Rising Los Angeles based indie pop star tiger lily has teamed up with MKSTN for new track 'like we're an indie movie'.

Words: Lauren Stewart


A gorgeous fusion of soft pop and indie, 'like we're an indie movie' is the soundtrack to nights alone in your room, days spent on the beach and 3am drives. Light electronics swirl around chilled organic instrumentation to create a nostalgic and cinematic masterpiece to be proud of. tiger lily's flawless vocals stand out above the rest; her dreamy tone instantly recognisable with an infectious hook, both indulgent and melodic.

tiger lily says,

“When MKSTN originally sent me different beats he was working on, I was immediately drawn to the title of this one called ‘Paris in the Rain.’ It reminded me of a spontaneous train ride I’d taken to Paris one spring break to chase down a summer love I met when living in Medellin, Colombia. The hook “kiss me in the rain” was inspired by the guy and my first kiss which was during a tropical rainstorm after we left a dance club and discovered it was pouring outside. Our transatlantic love story always felt like something from an indie movie to me, hence the song title. I really wanted to capture sonically the nostalgia of the faded polaroids, letters, and memories that inspired the lyrics, and I think MKSTN and I did that beautifully together."

MKSTN adds,

“tiger lily and I met randomly over the internet by coincidence and I had a feeling we’d be able to create something special. The instrumental I originally wrote was called “We walked in Paris” and although I’ve only been there only once for a layover, I’ve always loved French culture. I wanted to create a nostalgic, melancholic song based on the fantasy/ real love stories we play in our minds. A song that would be played along with an old film. The instrumental came together in a matter of minutes and it sat on my computer for almost a year. I knew there was something special about it but I knew it needed the right voice to bring it to life. When I sent some demos to tiger lily and she said she was into the track I knew it would be something special before she even sent anything back to me."

Since launching as a solo artist during the pandemic, tiger lily has garnered well over a million streams on Spotify and editorial support from major playlists including 'Indie Pop' and 'Fresh Finds'. She's been featured in various publications around the world and opened for icons in both the rock and pop realms. A vocal advocate for greater representation of Asian Americans and other POC artists in the music industry, her interviews have appeared in publications such as Audiofemme and Character Media, and she’s leveraged her fanbase of over 70k across socials to raise money to support Black and Trans lives through livestreamed benefit concerts.

'like we're an indie movie' is out now. Listen HERE


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