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Tiny Kingdoms | Charmer

Tiny Kingdoms have released their latest single 'Charmer', which sees the band exploring new sonic territory, whilst not forgetting their pop-punk roots.


Taking a slightly more indie-pop approach with 'Charmer', the band drew influence from the likes of Pale Waves and The 1975, whilst still nodding towards their pop-punk roots. The track features melodic riffs, a catchy but cool sound driven by slick percussion, anthemic guitars and a stand out vocal. The chorus is powerful and bursts into dramatic life as an instant audience engager. Decidedly more vibrant and energetic than some of their previous releases, the injection of influences from pop and indie create a modern and state of the art sound that is universally relatable and will be loved by listeners both new and old.

Vocalist Nico Miura wrote the song about issues in a new relationship. He says that 'Charmer',

“mostly verbalizes the feeling of dating someone you believe is 'out of your league' and not thinking you’re good enough for [them], despite the fact that the romance is mutual”.

Tiny Kingdoms continue to craft a sound all their own. The band will go on creating music that blends multiple genres into their own unique style.

'Charmer' is out now. Listen HERE @tinykingdomsil


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