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Tommy Ashby | Lay Low

Tommy Ashby has shared his EP 'Lay Low' via Wow & Flutter Records. The 5 track collection features lead single 'Whiplash', released on the same day, as well as previous releases ‘Ceremony’, ‘Poolside’, ‘Happy Just To Know’ and brand new track ‘High Moon’. All tracks were produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Sam Okell and feature the ethereal vocals of fellow musician Lydia Clowes.


Tommy's voice is one that is just effortlessly addicting - a calming moment of easy listening with layered textures and a folk-inspired tone. 'Whiplash's' dreamy instrumentation consisting of lushacoustics, intricate strings and soft electronic beats lay the perfect backdrop for a mesmerising vocal performance and an uplifting chorus, whilst Lydia add's a sophisticated and sensitive edge with her sweet and melodic voice. The track showcases a raw and intimate form of songwriting and gorgeous airy but refined harmonies. If ever two voices were made to find eachother - these are the two.

He says on the track,

"This song is about two people who were around each other growing up but were very different and never quite had the chance get together. As they grow up, they find themselves always looking for each other in a crowd, imagining what a certain situation would be like if they were there. As they grow up and struggle through various things, they lean on each other for support, creating a little bubble that they can live in."

The EP delvers an intimate listen, seamlessly hopping between folk, indie, Americana and pip with all songs drawing on the reoccurring theme of growing self-confidence. Sonically every second is carefully considered whether for the expansive intimacy of silence or filled with enveloping echoes or a perfectly light percussive touch. Lyrically and musically Tommy expertly unpicks our experiences and relationships, to understand how we can flourish as individuals.

Tommy said about the EP,

“We’ve all been asked to lay low this year, in the sense that we are just trying to quietly keep going on an emotional level as well as physically. Most of the friends I spoke to were having a tough time in one way or another; it was almost a universally hard year and made me realise how much we rely on each other for support. To lay low also has peaceful connotations, to slow down and see things anew. It was such a weird year but there were beautiful moments within it; I really felt the passing of the seasons and noticed nature as I haven’t before."

Tommy’s creative energy and songwriting continue to draw inspiration from the countryside, he grew up writing and playing music in the wilds of Scotland and a move to the Suffolk coast in 2020 with its expansive beaches and big open skies has certainly stamped its mark on Tommy’s new EP.

The 'Lay Low' EP is out now. Listen HERE @tommyashbymusic


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