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Undeniably talented trio Tors have recently shared their recent new singles, 'Garden On The Kitchen Floor' and 'Lonely.' Having co-written with artists such as Declan J Donovan and Dean Lewis, the indie-pop band have already amassed five hundred million streams since their formation in 2016 and sold out several headline shows in London. The release of new music marks their triumphant return to the music scene after an eighteen-month absence to re-evaluate their sound and style. The band are also set to support X Ambassadors on their tour in September/October.

'Garden On The Kitchen Floor' is a romantic and nostalgic-sounding track, depicting the early stages of a relationship in which love triumphs over everything. With big melodies, big harmonies, tender emotions and unforgettable hooks, the band have the perfect blend of everything and continue to go from strength to strength.

The Lowdown had the opportunity to speak with Tors about their recent single, their exciting goals for the future and more. Keep reading to check out what they had to say!

You have recently released your new single, ‘Garden On The Kitchen Floor,’ following some time away from the music scene. How does it feel to have new music released? 

‘Good question! I’d say it feels quite like being born again, in that it’s slightly terrifying, a little painful and there’s a lot of screaming. We’ve been blown away by the reaction so far. The number of wonderful messages, comments and compliments has been quite overwhelming. We’re feeling very grateful and relieved all at once, because everyone could have hated it!’

Did you find that being away from music reignited your passion for what you do?

‘We actually spent the last year and a half over lockdown writing for other artists, at one point doing three Zoom sessions a day (which we wouldn’t advise unless you’re looking to fast-track a nervous breakdown), so we didn’t step away from music entirely, but definitely got a break from our own band. It certainly taught us a lot about how other people write and provided such little breathing space that when we finally came back to Tors, it felt like a euphoric kind of release. We suddenly had all these ideas and a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about what we could create!’

Can you sum up your new single in a couple of words? 

‘It’s about not realising what you have until it’s gone.’

What is the meaning behind this new single? 

‘We wrote it about that strange period when you leave home and move into your own place for the first time. It’s always an absolute dive - our first flat had a toilet in the kitchen and was on such a slant that your possessions would roll across the floor if you didn’t balance them carefully enough. You have no money and you basically stumble over every new hurdle adulthood throws at you. At the time it seems impossible, but as you look back, you realise the times you struggled the most were among the best you had.’

How were Tors formed? 

‘Matt and I (Theo) are brothers, so we met when I was born, got on quite well and grew up playing music together. Our Grandad was a famous guitarist from the 50’s/60’s, called Bert Weedon. He inspired us to turn playing music together into an actual career. We then met Jack under an overpass near the M25 selling strawberries. It turns out he could also play the drums quite well.’

Is there any particular goal you would most like to achieve as a band? 

‘We’ve always said we’d love to play Wembley - and when (not if!) we do, we’ve resolved to all take a moment mid-set to jam on instruments we’ve never actually played and see what happens. We also dream of getting into pumpkin farming - that’s where the real money’s at! If anything, music is just our long-winded route into pumpkin farming on an industrial scale.’

Who would you say are your musical influences? 

‘We grew up listening to The Beatles, Paul Simon and Nick Drake, so they’re definitely on the list. In terms of more current music, we’re big fans of the band Midland, Bruno Major and Bongo Slant-Eye and the Electric Fawn Section’. 

You are set to head out on tour with X Ambassadors. Are you looking forward to getting out and performing live?

‘We are indeed! We cannot wait to get back on stage - it’s our home away from home and where we come alive. We’ve somehow been branded as being ‘the best support band in the world.’ We really give our all when we perform and we know how to get a crowd ready!’

What else does this year have in store for you that you can tell us about?

‘We are releasing plenty more music. We can’t say too much, but there are some very exciting shows being planned currently! Also, Matt’s making his own chutney (it’s dreadful), but we’re being supportive of his dream!’

Finally, do you have a message for all those who support you?

‘Thank you for waiting so long and for sticking by us. You guys are the reason we get to what we do and call this ridiculous life our job!’

Tors' new single 'Lonely' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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