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Transit Club | Metro

Stockholm-based, Swedish-Canadian indie pop collective Transit Club have released their addicting new jam 'Metro'.


The stellar new track is the sixth release for Transit Club and takes a playful but classy direction with dreamy instrumentation and captivating vocals, fused with catchy lyricism. The fun loving tune combines indulgent guitars, melodic keys and layered production create a lucious soundscape and a cool take on a classic pop sound with a more vibrant and bright energy.

'Metro' is truly infectious and guaranteed to cheer you up after just one listen, showcasing the indie pop outfit at their very best as they carve a unique path into the genre.

With his heart stuck somewhere between Ottawa and Stockholm, Canadian-born frontman and public transit enthusiast, Steve Motion, blends his emotional songwriting with an aptitude for sing-along hits. With Olle Ahlsson, Agnes Jensen, Niklas Levedah and Olle Ronach completing the lineup, the band's live sets are known to be fun and electrically unifying sing-along symphonies.

'Metro' is out now.


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