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Interview | Two Weeks In Nashville

Rising rockers, and stars of our very first issue Two Weeks In Nashville have released their brand new single ‘The Truth Is Just Counterfeit’, out now via Purple Heart Records / AWAL.

The single comes accompanied by three more tracks from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Don’t Look Back’, ‘Warning Signs’ and ‘What Love Feels Like’, and continues an impressive rise, which has seen them sell out Camden Assembly, garner support from BBC Introducing and have their last single ‘Take Control’ played on Match of The Day and added to the MTV Rocks playlist.

Shot in the dark and under lockdown (the band live together), the video’s hallucinatory effects, swirling smoke and spliced close ups mirror lyrical themes of confusion, lost identity and questioning of self-worth, brought home through moody riffs and a slamming chorus.

As frontman Billy explains:

“‘The Truth Is Just Counterfeit’ was written to point a finger at all the takers out there. In a climate of fake personas, how do you know who to trust?"

Brought together through a love of the sounds, energy and extravagance of history’s greatest rock bands, Billy LeRiff, bassist Jonny Faires, guitarist Marc De Luca drummer Ian Wilson travelled to Nashville to hone their sound and record their first batch of releases. Having fallen in love with Music City, they’ve been back twice since then, but as Billy jokes, “Only for two weeks at a time”. 

With an enviable work rate and a dynamic live presence that’s seen them play up and down the country and record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, 2020 is seeing the four piece bring their fresh and enigmatic sound to wider and wider audiences. 

Read the full interview in Issue One available to buy now HERE!

Who makes up Two Weeks in Nashville? / Introduce yourselves! "Hey, I’m Billy on vocals and guitar. Hi I’m Ian on drums and auxiliary percussion. Bonjour, I’m Marc and I play guitar and also cook for the band! Alright, I’m Jonny and play the bass." Where are you guys from? "Myself, Jonny and Ian are from South East England and Marc’s from France! However we’re under the same roof and living together now; god help our neighbours!"

When did you start making music together? "We started jamming and playing together in 2016, but wasn’t until the end of 2018 that decided start the band."

How did you come up with the band name? "We lucky enough to go out to Nashville at the end of 2018 and we absolutely fell in love with the place, people and really found our sound. We were out there for two weeks of course too! It’s another world out there! So positive and so much music; it’s literally called music city and is fast becoming a place for all genres of music, not just country!  We couldn’t recommend it more if you haven’t been before!"

You sold out London’s Camden Assembly before even releasing any music! How did that feel? "It was unreal to be honest! Can’t quite believe it especially as we hadn’t released anything. Just can’t thank our family and friends enough for travelling up and supporting us. We’re super excited for more shows now we have some music out too!"

Does anyone in particular influence your musical style or do you take inspiration from your different tastes? "We listen to so many different genres and artists individually, but as a band when we come together it’s really 60s/70s rock n roll. The Stones, The Who and The Beatles etc."

You’ve had support from the likes of BBC Introducing, how does it feel to be backed by such a good platform for new artists / bands? "It’s amazing to have this support, can’t thank everyone enough. It’s nice to know that people are liking what we’re up to!"

Find out more about the band HERE


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