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Following two sold out London shows debuting his band, Tycho Jones (they/them/he/him) presents ‘Missing in Action’ the final instalment of the 'Negative Space' EP.


In keeping with previous singles ‘Pink+Blue’ and ‘Risk To My Reward’, this new track is an explosive and cathartic indie-pop gem of anthemic proportions. Tycho masterfully balances heartfelt lyrics with infectious upbeat melodies in order to explore the ever-unravelling theme of post-pandemic relationships.

Years later, we’re still feeling the effects of those connections we clung to throughout one of the most difficult shared human experiences of recent times. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of that love or all too easy to push anyone that gets too close away. Whichever side of the break-up fence you’re on, you can’t help but feel the space left when that person is gone.

Tycho Jones says,

“Missing in Action is about inner conflict, losing someone very dear and knowing they're gone. Hoping they might come back or respond one day…” ‘Missing in Action’ is an intoxicating concoction of rambunctious drums, head-bopping bass, raw guitars, impossibly catchy lyrics, and authentically expressive vocals. It’s reflective of Tycho Jones’ special talent for transforming introspective thoughts and emotional tensions into extroverted alt-pop. A musical magician like no other. The 'Negative Space' EP is out now. Listen HERE @tychojones


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