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Tyler Budd | Back Here Anymore

Canadian indie pop artist Tyler Budd has released his chill anthem 'Back Here Anymore'.


Tyler's vocal is super unique - it has a kind of warm, rich tone yet light and airy at the same time. 'Back Here Anymore' is totally euphonious, with beautiful production which suits his vocal perfectly - it's one of those tracks that you can listen to over and over without wanting to turn it off.

The lyrics tell a story of reflecting on a past relationship and being greatful about being happy and in love, yet self negotiating and the struggle of realising that this isn't the person for you.

Tyler confides,

"I've always felt super conscious about writing music because I'm usually on the other end of the lens, as a music photographer; taking photos of artists like Greta Van Fleet, Sean Leon, Skratch Bastid, Lisa Monet, and Hubert Lenoir. We live in a crazy time, and it felt like the right time to try a new medium and take the risk."

With a vocal like this, we're sure that the risk totally paid off and he is soon to be on the other side of the lens anytime soon.


Listen to 'Back Here Anymore' HERE

Instagram: @tylerbudd


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