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Tyler Meacham | Better Than I Used To Be

Virginia-based Indie pop artist Tyler Meacham has released her brand new feel good single 'Better Than I Used To Be', from her highly anticipated debut album 'Into The Fray' due later this month.

Following on from her previous release 'No Running Away' back in June, Tyler follows in great pursuit with the same cool and sing-along vibe. Weaving elements from a range of styles and scenes including pop, indie, rock and even a hint of country into her sound, Tyler has the ability to create raw and universally relatable lyricism sang by sweet but powerful vocal tone and accompanied by captivating but chilled acoustics and steady drum beats to create something unique and fresh but familiar in today's commercial mainstream.

By immersing herself into her hometown's open mic scene, Tyler met her current bandmates and went onto create her debut EP in 2019. The lyrically inspiring, genre-fusing collection carried Tyler and her band on a national tour, building a loyal fanbase in the process. Tyler's musical tastes and inspirations gravitate towards self-made songwriter-producers such as Sara Bareilles, Bleachers and OneRepublic. Lyrically, everything Tyler writes pivots around emotional experiences from her past, honing in on love, loss, and her personal struggle with anxiety and self-worth.

'Better Than I Used To Be' is out now. Listen HERE @tymeach


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