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Tyson Kelly | Am I Ever Gonna See You Again

LA’s Tyson Kelly has dropped a new hip-shaking bop titled ‘Am I Ever Gonna See You Again’.


The track is taken from Kelly’s latest EP called ‘Plastic Rock Star‘, and is pure nostalgia, making us reach for our 80s teen movie collection.

Commenting on the track, Kelly said:

“This track is about going out in the world and meeting someone you really connect with, spending time together and then having to leave for the next city and wondering if you’ll ever reconnect. In this case the song is written from the fan’s point of view.”

For the past decade, Kelly has been performing live across the globe and earning a living as a highly regarded John Lennon impersonator performing in the Broadway show ‘Let It Be’, and playing shows with the UK’s biggest Beatles tribute act, The Bootleg Beatles.


Listen to ‘Am I Ever Gonna See You Again’ HERE 

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