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Valerie | Lockdown

Valerie has released her single 'Lockdown' a vibrant and energetic zeitgeist of the

early 2000s aesthetic.


Valerie has the most gorgeous and unique tone, with powerhouse vocals that could bring the house down in any venue, big or small. It's smooth and innocent yet sultry and glamorous reminiscent of songstresses such as Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse. It's really refreshing to hear and 'Lockdown' is just about as current as there is right now.

The stunning new release is heartfelt, tender and seductive - Valerie interrogates a particular kind of isolation, the isolation one experiences with another human being the experience of being stuck in the amorous cage of a non-committal lover.

The song taps into the vibrant and energetic zeitgeist of the early 2000s aesthetic with its bouncy, salient and bright piano layers, its dazzling and punchy instrumentals, its super polished production, and its mesmerizing vocal force that is simultaneously ethereal and robust.

It feels open and oceanic, like a wall has come down, a burden lifted. It is clear that Valerie is only going up from here.


Listen to 'Lockdown' HERE


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