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Vans Yento | Leonieke

The new release from Vans Yento - 'Leonieke' features pulsing bass partnered with an infectious trance lead, delivering an epic journey with large vocals and dissonant guitars.


"I saw Leonieke fight illness for six years, and when she was gone, I was lost. This song is about finding my own path, and wanting to tell the world about my hero while I'm doing it."

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Vans Yento is a producer, vocalist and songwriter, melding his love for deep electronic synths with hard progressive rock influences. Born Tony Evans, he grew up in the small Western Australian town of Wickham where he practiced guitar, covering bands such as Tool, Korn and Alterbridge.

From 2006-2016, Tony learnt to sing and became more experimental with song writing and he found being mobile for work affected his ability to commit to a band, so he started focusing on electronic music as the next new and exciting creative outlet.

Conceptualised in 2017, Vans Yento debuts two of three upcoming singles 'Leonieke' & later on this month 'Orion' in advance of his forthcoming EP release 'Missing Pieces' on July 31st.

Living by the mantra “Metal Heart, Electric Soul”, Vans Yento’s music conjures sweeping images of dense, futuristic landscapes through a mix of soul-drenching indie pop and darker industrial tones.


Listen to the track HERE


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