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VAVO and Tyler Mann rejoin forces to release the official follow up to their global hit record ‘Pieces.’ Titled ‘Weekends,’ both VAVO and Tyler recapture the moment they once created and amplified it even more.


In ‘Weekends,’ soulful vocals by Tyler Mann take the center stage; a house-like dynamic beat, and high pass filtered claps get the rhythm up to a high energy level, all these elements being surrounded by a nice round energetic bass line.

An intense riser drops the track to a bouncy bass line progression and beat that takes the listener to a beachside rave party. Waves of staggering synths strike during moments in the track and support the feel-good vibe, while the claps and shakers add that high end rhythmic element that keeps the dynamics up and non-monotonous. Layers of echoed vocals and adlibs, make a perfect match for this production, thanks to the captivating performance provided by Tyler Mann.

This outstanding collaboration shows it has everything it needs to become an instant hit and surpass that of what its predecessor accomplished. It will continue to support the inclusion of VAVO and Tyler Mann on the list of artists to follow, as well as KESS Records as a label that continues to amaze, setting its own quality bar high for upcoming productions.

VAVO has released impressive new music through longtime collaborator label KESS Records, such as popular tracks like ‘Day N’ Night,’ ‘Highs & Lows,’ ‘Why Do I?’ featuring nicopop., and ZOHARA, and most notably (the predecessor to ‘Weekends’) ‘Pieces’.

'Weekends (I Can Feel It)' is out now. Listen HERE @vavomusic | @imtylermann


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