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ViVii | Mondays

After releasing a host of singles over the past six months, including 'Summer of 99,' 'Fool Alone' and 'One Day,' Swedish pop trio ViVii have released their second album, titled 'Mondays.'


The release of their brand new album follows on from their self-titled debut back in 2019, with the record going on to be streamed over sixteen million times - an amazing achievement for the band, particularly with a debut album! However, one thing has remained the same with talented ViVii and has never once changed over the years - they continue to dream up a better world through their music.

Their new ten-track release poignantly marks a fresh chapter in their career. Based on the immense success from their last album, no doubt this album will follow in the same footsteps! Vivii's music stands out for several reasons: the ability for listeners to connect with their music and the unbelievable emotion and soul within their releases.

They base the core of their songs around 'a guitar, singing and good harmonies.' They additionally credit a teenage vibe, with member Caroline explaining that because they got together in their teenage years, "musically, that source is never ending for us."

'Mondays' stands out for all the right reasons and is an album that you will keep coming back to listen to over and over again. The uniqueness of their music truly shines through with this second release, right from 'Disco All Night Long' to tracks such as 'Swimming Pool' and 'Baby Be The Light.' The album truly makes for an excellent listen and is a true testament to ViVii's hard work and talent. We cannot recommend it highly enough!

ViVii's new album 'Mondays' is out now. The album can be purchased and streamed through all major responsible music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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