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VOIX | Pull You Down

Songwriting & production duo, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith also known as VOIX have dropped their brand new single 'Pull You Down'.


Credit: @zephyr_pictures (Instagram)

'Pull You Down' is a perfect summer anthem with a feel good synth-pop vibe, catchy hooks, polished production and flawless vocals and is the 3rd offering in a series of songs dealing with emotions and interactions that come with relationship life.

"It focuses on the self doubt and feeling of inadequacy during the early dating stages, with the main emphasis on insecurity of what you could bring to a relationship".

Hailing from the musically rich North East of England, VOIX are a pretty new name, but they have already made their mark on the synth-pop scene having already garnered thousands of streams on Spotify.

Combining over 30 years off musical experience honing their songwriting and production skills has enabled them to remain under the radar and they are now looking to grow and establish a solid following and support network and are excited to be able to start showing the world what they’ve been working on. Their current entry level musical offerings of that of hard-hitting dance, ambient, cinematic pop with flawless melodies and super clean production.

One of their greatest assets is their ability and willingness to write across multiple genres, this has helped secure future collaborations and features for upcoming releases. They believe that through love, dedication, passion and talent they will reach their dream, which is to share great, touching music with the world the way their heroes did for them.

Their self-released debut single ‘Devotion’ racked up over 50,000 Spotify streams in 75

countries. The follow up single ‘Lost’ has maintained momentum and propelled their popularity, gaining entry to more than 300 curated playlists.

‘Pull You Down’ is summer road trip perfection showcasing the duo’s ability to marry great songwriting with hard-hitting pop production.


Listen to 'Pull You Down' HERE

Instagram: @wearevoix


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