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WAYI | Mind Mazes

WAYI has released her stunning new single 'Mind Mazes' via Weird !s Good.


Oozing with an old school, 90's R&B sound, WAYI has truly delivered a masterpiece with 'Mind Mazes', with a classy groove, you can truly indulge yourself into this track. The artists captivating vocal, gentle rhythms and clever lyricism is set to a backdrop of melodic, acoustic sounds flavoured with jazz beats and brimming with swagger and soul.

'Mind Mazes' chronicles a love imbroglio from which the Belgian artist wishes to escape, hoping to finally follow the trail that will lead her towards reason.

She explains:

“This is about when you feel stuck in your mind, stuck in a situation(ship) where you can’t find an exit. It’s actually entirely up to you to bite the bullet but sometimes, indecisiveness and uncertainty keep your own thoughts captive...”

Many already let themselves wander in WAYI’s intricate labyrinth of songs, always overflowing with authentic emotions and sensuality. Praised for her tone that hits you “straight in the heart and in the head”, the songstress has been invited last year to open for the legendary Raphael Saadiq while her debut project Love in Progress reached the EP Top 5 of BBC Radio 1Xtra and garnered 1,1 million streams.

''Mind Mazes' is out now


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