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We Three | Nightlight

Sibling alt-pop trio We Three have shared their new single 'Nightlight' which has been given a bright new twist with a radio mix courtesy of Grammy Award winner Bill Zimmerman.


A fan favourite from their album 'Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely Me’, the new mix of 'Nightlight' infuses the original infectious hook and feel good melody with a new found immediacy, at times slowing and then bursting into dramatic life with its thrilling energy and fist-pumping beat. Manny's commercial-meets-soul vocal is effortless and flows perfectly over a propulsive and bass-heavy groove.

Lyrically impressive, the track is a play on simple yet poignant symbolism: a nightlight can help a child feel safe. And from elation to despair, that need for comfort is something that never quite leaves us as adults. At it's simplest, 'Nightlight' is a sure-fire jam with an uplifting atmosphere that has arrived just in time for summer and ready made for mainstream radio.

“‘Nightlight’ is such a special song to us. It is about wanting so badly to be honest with the people around you but realising the only way you can do that is by being honest with yourself first. Saying the simple phrases in the chorus like ‘tell them that you miss your mom’ and ‘tell them that you’re not that strong’ are lyrics that seem so simple but can be some of the hardest things to admit, not only to others but to yourself.”

'Nightlight' is released alongside the official video which is full of just as an immediately engaging energy as the track itself. Manny, Bethany and Joshua power through a variety of vibrant moves which bring a feel good spirit to compliment the song's sound. Buoyed by clever, rapidfire edits and a vivid palette, the video’s energy continues to escalate as the track unfolds.

We Three's current album has seen the band amplify their ever growing profile, enjoying huge viral growth on TikTok and taking their following on the platform over the landmark of 2 million likes. Meanwhile, their streams to date have reached over 65 million.

'Nightlight' is out now.

Listen HERE @wethreemusic


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