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Whale City | Someone Else's Eyes

With their new song 'Someone Else's Eyes', newcomer band Whale City from Bavaria, Germany inspire people to change their own point of view and to see the world through the eyes of others.

The result of which is international stadium pop, which comes along with a lot of dynamic and euphoria but also with substance. This song goes straight into your ears and remains in the listeners head.


The band were initially not allowed to get together due to the initial restrictions in Germany, so Whale City spontaneously released a special Stay-At-Home live version of the song at the end of March. Not long after, the live track was shown on TV on RTL, Sky and n-tv and featured on many music blogs so the band decided to produce the song in the studio after the first loosening of the lockdown measures and also recorded a music video, premiering on May 29th.

Lead singer Andi says:

“Actually the plan was to not release 'Someone Else's Eyes' before 2021. We wanted to use the song to encourage people to change their perspective much more often. Because then you realize relatively quickly that your own problems are often very small compared to the problems of others and that with understanding for each other you can make a big difference in our world. However, after the first weeks of the Corona crisis and the restrictions on personal freedom that came with it, we had the feeling: There is no better time than now for this message.”

Someone Else's Eyes is the fourth single of the newcomer band after 'Echo Of Joy'' in 2018 and 'Daylight' & 'There She Goes' in 2019.


Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @whalecitymusic


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