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Outside The Disco | What If

Outside the Disco step out of the shadows with their own debut single 'What If’, featuring Nathan Nicholson, lead singer of The Boxer Rebellion and an active song-writer and featured vocalist, and the African Children's Choir.


'What If' is an electric debut from Outside The Disco, a banger from the off with a punchy melody and drum line. The soaring vocals provided by Nathan Nicholson have the sound and energy of an epic indie band frontman and fused with the tropical beats and echos of African Children's Choir make for magical listening.

The collaboration is unique and we hope this will not to be the last from the collective, they have delivered a euphoric, uplifting track which wouldn't sound out of place on the main stage of a music festival, or at 3am on a nightclub dance floor.

"What if I could do it again?" Runs both the chorus and theme of the song, as Nicholson reminisces on the mistakes of the past. Delivered with a melancholy grace, Nicholson's lyrics are at first beautifully contrasted with and then complimented by the call and response chants of the children of African Children's Choir.

Sensibly Outside the Disco opt to let these stunning vocal performances take centre stage and the music, combining elements of house, disco and soulful pop, provides the perfect backdrop.

For Tennessee born, London based Nicholson, 'What If' is another standout moment in a career full of them. Having scored huge international commercial and critical success with his indie band The Boxer Rebellion recent years have also seen him embraced by the electronic music community, collaborating with the likes of Moonbootica, De Hofnar and most notably Claptone, with whom he has co-written several massive club, radio and streaming hits.


Listen to 'What If' HERE


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