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Will Linley, South African's latest emerging star, has recently unveiled his debut EP via BMG, titled 'kill all my feelings.' Having amassed over seventeen million global streams since breaking into the music industry, he continues to build his fanbase, with the release of his debut EP marking another successful achievement in his career to date. The five-track EP tells a personal story of his life experience to date. He is currently supporting South African singer and song-writer Matthew Mole on his tour throughout the UK and Europe.

Here at The Lowdown, we had the opportunity to speak with Will Linley about his debut EP, how he first got into music, his plans for the remainder of the year and more. Keep reading to check out what he had to say!

You have recently released your debut EP, titled ‘kill all my feelings.’ How does it feel to have your own music out in the world?

‘It is so amazing to finally have this music out in the world - my word! I have been sitting on some of these songs for almost two years now, so it truly feels incredible giving these songs to the world.’

To date, you have notched up over seventeen million global streams since emerging on the music scene and you are building a fanbase worldwide. What does it feel like to know your music is being so well received?

‘I feel incredibly grateful and certainly don’t take any of it for granted. It only motivates me to continue writing and creating music that feels real and authentic to both my audience and to the person that I am.’

You’ve described the EP as being ‘a snapshot into my mind over the last two years and is an amalgamation of different sounds, feelings and emotions.’ Have you found that drawing on personal experience has taken your song-writing to a new level?

‘Yes, 100%! Writing from real experience is a lot easier. Sometimes I just tell a story that is completely irrelevant to me, but sometimes writing from personal experience allows me to unlock certain aspects to song-writing and storytelling that I couldn't before.’


Do you have a stand-out memory from creating the EP?

‘Basically all my songs were written in my bedroom over Zoom, so my standout memories are just sitting at my desk in my pyjamas writing songs!’

Do you have a favourite lyric from the EP?

“‘Miss me (when you’re gone).’ It’s my favourite lyric that I’ve written to date.”

Going back to your roots, how did you first get into music?

‘I first started singing in choirs when I was about nine years old. My family was very musical, so I was brought up singing songs with my Mum and Dad from a very young age. I also really wanted to start a boyband with my brothers, but they had other plans with their lives!’

Who would you say you derive musical inspiration from? Do you also feel that such artists have a direct bearing on the music that you release?

‘I think I certainly do take a lot of inspiration from artists that I love. I think Dean Lewis’ writing is so awesome. I always try to match his vulnerability whilst staying true to my lane and true to the person I am.’

You are set to support Matthew Mole on his tour dates throughout the UK and Europe, after you have completed a sold-out run in your home country. Are you looking forward to getting back out on the road?

‘I’m so excited and even more excited because I have never done shows in Europe before, so I think these next couple of weeks are going to be one for the books!’

What else does 2022 have in store for you that you can tell us about?

‘A LOT more shows. I am playing at Rocking The Daisies, which is a South African festival I've dreamed of playing all my life, and maybe some music along the way.’

Finally, do you have a message for all those who support you?

‘Don’t be silly, do what you love and love the people around you.’

Will Linley's debut EP, 'kill all my feelings' is out now and available to purchase and stream through all major music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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